Teotihuacan Hot Air Balloon Tour

Teotihuacan Hot Air Balloon Ride

Experience a one-of-a-kind hot air balloon Teotihuacan Tour and soak in the mesmerizing views of the ancient pyramids from a bird eye view. All adventure seekers will enjoy the sensation of floating in the air in a wicker basket fueled by fire. Most of these trips start early in the morning so that visitors can enjoy the golden hour at sunrise. It is a photographer’s paradise for clicking incredible snaps of the vast rustic landscape as well as the blue sky peppered with several colorful hot air balloons. The 45 minutes exciting journey will let you enjoy the panoramic view of the area. It is recommended to enjoy this tour during sunrise or sunset.

One of the earliest still-standing settlements in Mexico, the Teotihuacán Pyramid Complex dates to the year 100 BC. It consists of two massive pyramids: the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Your hot air balloon ride in Teotihuacan will also include a delectable buffet and coffee service. You may climb the pyramids and learn about Teotihuacán's fascinating history with your guide once you've enjoyed the archaeological masterpiece from a bird's-eye perspective.

Book Teotihuacan Hot Air Balloon Online

At daybreak, you will embark on an exciting hot air balloon trip and enjoy an astounding panoramic vista of Teotihuacán's archaeological zone. Our company offers a hot air balloon Teotihuacan Tour which is limited to a maximum of 10 people per balloon, so you may marvel at the unobstructed views of majestic Mesoamerican pyramids, designated World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. You may also explore the pyramid from different viewpoints by booking one of our combined packages, like the hot air balloon Teotihuacan Tour and bike tours or add a guided walking tour to your itinerary. We've improved the experience by adding toast with sparkling wine and brunch after the journey. Our shuttle will meet you in the lobby of your chosen accommodation. If you are staying at a private residence or Airbnb, contact the local operator who will assist you in locating the nearest pickup spot.

Why Should You Go For A Hot Air Balloon Ride In Teotihuacan?

  • Teotihuacan is roughly 40 kilometers from Mexico City, making it a favorite day trip destination for city dwellers and tourists alike. The location is particularly well-known for its large pyramids devoted to the sun and the moon, but you can also discover a museum and a number of buildings with murals and prehistoric engravings.
  • A hot air balloon ride Teotihuacan Tour offers unrestricted views of the ancient pyramids and is a great way to spend time with family, friends, or even lovers.
  • The Teotihuacan hot air balloon tour begins at 6 AM, when this tourist destination is least crowded, giving all guests who reserved this experience an unparalleled experience. As you soar over Teotihuacan Valley, you can take in the greatest views of Mexico's most popular archaeological site.
  • Morning coffee and tea, private transfer from one's hotel, and passenger insurance are frequently included in teotihuacan hot air balloon tours.
  • These tours are operated by highly professional staff members who can even analyze weather conditions and other warning indications, so that you enjoy a safe flight.
  • You can enjoy the hot air balloon ride during sunset or sunrise as in these hours nature shows its best picture.
  • The panoramic view of the city will be jaw dropping amazing as you can see the lush greenery, sparkling sand and many more.
  • This 30 minutes to 1 hour amazing ride is an ideal place for romantic proposals.

Teotihuacan Hot Air Balloon Tour Options

Hot Air Balloon & Bike Tour In Teotihuacan

On this full-day guided trip from Mexico City, you can take in the greatest views of Teotihuacan and its undiscovered treasures from two different angles. Guests may admire spectacular vistas from various viewpoints by setting off on a hot air balloon ride through the Teotihuacan Pyramids. When they are on the ground, they may cycle around the Valley of the Teotihuacan Pyramids and soak in the breathtaking sights from an entirely unique perspective. This hot air balloon Teotihuacan Tour package also includes authentic Mexican meals at a local restaurant and a guided tour of the valley's native crafts and jewels.

Hot Air Balloon & Walking Teotihuacan Tour

Explore the pyramids, see the local culture, and enjoy this unique flying experience on this full-day guided excursion departing from Mexico City. Experience a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over the Teotihuacan Pyramids and marvel at the contrast between the scenery on earth and in the air. Enjoy a filling breakfast before beginning your exploration of the archaeological site, where you can visit the well-known Pyramids via guided walking tours. While walking around the pyramids, stop by a craftsman's workshop to discover more about obsidian. You may also enjoy Mexico's most renowned drinks: pulque, tequila, and mezcal. Savor a typical Mexican meal at San Martin de las Pirámides.

Know Before You Book Teotihuacan Hot Air Balloon Tour

Things To Keep In Mind
Essential Info
  • When you're in the balloon, you may reach heights ranging from treetops to 2,500 feet above the ground, which is what makes the sights so spectacular.
  • Since it moves at the same pace as the wind, the balloon cannot be steered in a specific direction. Ground staff will accompany you and assist in making sure you land safely.
  • The Teotihuacan hot air balloon tour begins before daybreak to get the best views of the pyramid during the golden hour, so guests should bring warm clothing to withstand the chilly winds up there.


  • You will get pick and drop services within Mexico city.
  • Before the 45-minute hot air balloon Teotihuacan Tour, guests are welcomed with a coffee refreshment at Globopuerto.
  • A bottle of sparkling wine will be served to guests as part of the customary toast that has been made on every balloon trip since 1783.
  • After the balloon ride, a delectable breakfast buffet is spread out at a local restaurant.
  • The admission fees already include a walk through the archaeological site and an aerial tour of antiquity.


  • The package does not include any souvenirs and tips for the staff members.
  • Additional payments for professional photos and videography for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Activity duration: 8 hours

FAQ's of Teotihuacan Hot Air Balloon

How to book a teotihuacan hot air balloon?

You can book a hot air balloon Teotihuacan tour online from our website as we provide amazing offers with a memorable journey. You will get an instant confirmation of your booking as we believe in transparency. You can get your tickets from anywhere and anytime as we are just one click away.

What is the cost of a teotihuacan hot air balloon ?

The hot air balloon Teotihuacan Tour package is between $144 and $126 which can vary depending on your age group. You can book tickets from our website to get amazing offers and discounts.

What are the inclusions of teotihuacan hot air balloons ?

The hot air balloon trip above Teotihuacan typically includes pickup and drop options, beverage on arrival, a 45 minute balloon ride, sparkling wine onboard, breakfast buffet and tickets to the archaeological site.

How many passengers can fly in a Hot Air Balloon teotihuacan at a single time?

A single hot air balloon can typically carry a group of 10 people with a pilot. In some cases, they also board 16 people including the pilot.

Why take a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Teotihuacan?

Teotihuacan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an old prehistoric metropolis, making it one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico. Hot air balloon rides provide stunning panoramic vistas against Teotihuacan's lovely blue morning sky.


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